“Delivering results for advocacy matters through strategic communications”


As a Project Communications Manager, I have developed several communications strategies for organizations such as WHO, ILC, APAF and the Protestant Church of Geneva.  These strategies entailed the development of major communications pieces such as websites, key publications, and corporate presentations in order to give their initiatives more visibility vis-à-vis targeted audiences. An example of this was the development of the ILC website that had as a main objective the promotion of key products made by the organization such as

The Rio Declaration: Developing a Culture of Care in response to the Longevity Revolution

My main expertise lies in my ability to combine, in the best possible way, key communications means/mechanisms (web, social media, printing, relations with the press, and marketing) in order to achieve corporate results. In this way, while promoting a global initiative, my communication strategies ensure that target audiences will be reached while inciting them to take action.